Bookkeeping & Accounting

Do you need bookkeeping help but can’t afford staff or is your bookkeeping taking too much of your time? Does your PAYE or GST do your head in or are your debtors driving you crazy?

Ensuring your bookkeeping is up-to-date is a fantastic way to monitor the true health of your business, grab opportunities, manage and control your cash flow, and take care of your business financials.


If you want to be successful, you should keep a close eye on your cash flow.

This is where we can be of help.

  • Monthly bank reconciliation reports
  • Monthly / annual cash flow statements
  • Visualisation of business cash flow performance

Keeping an eye on these will provide you with peace of mind and:

  • Easily established company profitability reports
  • Budget vs actuals reporting
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Trends to be analysed
  • Product sales
  • Up to date statements for financing purposes

We can do all your invoicing, mailing / emailing customers and chase up your debtors.

  • New Customer Setup
  • Invoicing Customers
  • Customer Statements & Reminders Letters and Emails
  • Summary and Detailed Reports
  • Aged Trial Balance reports over various periods
  • Debtor Management

Keeping your payments, credit notes and entered invoices up to date in your accounting system can be done easily and supply you with the following:

  • Payable Invoices Entry
  • Vendor Accounts Reconciled
  • Vendor Payments Applied
  • Vendor Payments Scheduled
  • Monthly Vendor Remittances
  • Vendor Aged Trial Balance report for various periods
  • Spending Trends
  • Extensive Payables Reporting

With our service, you will benefit from:

  • Tighter control over payments to suppliers (invoices vs remittance reports)
  • Prediction of future cash requirements
  • Job costings
  • Inventory accounts / ledgers

Our stress-free and professional payroll services cover:

  • Full spectrum of Payroll services including Employee and Contractor payrolls
  • Payslip preparation in accordance with Inland Revenue guidelines and rates
  • Create annual earnings certificates for employees and contractors
  • Preparing and filing PAYE returns including KiwiSaver Employee deductions, KiwiSaver Employer deductions, Student Loan deductions, ACC deductions, EMS (employer monthly schedules) and IR345 returns
  • Regular reporting provided to employers
  • IRD payment reminders so that you avoid costly and unnecessary IRD penalties and interest

Let us help you to save time and ensure you claim all your business expenses:

  • Guidance on appropriate taxable period
  • Prepare Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Six Monthly GST Returns
  • Filing of GST Returns
  • GST Reports
  • GST Reconciliations 

It is important that your business structures are appropriate and best suited to cover your tax needs. We will:

  • Prepare Annual Financial Statements
  • Prepare Annual Income Tax Returns
  • File Annual Income Tax Returns


NZ Based Service

We are proudly NZ owned and operated. 

You may not know but most bookkeeping companies just "clip the ticket" and outsource your work to India or Philippines.

Our staff are all based in New Zealand. We do everything in house in Auckland, New Zealand.

Free Advice for Clients

General accounting and tax advice is offered free of charge to our clients.

Excellent Communication

We explain everything accounting in non-accounting lingo.

Proactive and Prompt

All queries dealt with promptly within 24 hours.

If a query requires specialised tax research, we will advise on timeframes.

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on service and truly care for our clients. 

Unlike many accounting firms, we have a personalised approach to our clients. 

One Stop Shop

Whilst many other bookkeeping firms can only offer bookkeeping, we offer everything from administration to full accounting including year accounts, taxes and annual financial statements. We are chartered accountants and IRD registered tax agents.

You do not need an accountant on top of a bookkeeper to have a complete accounting solution. 

We take care of the lot!

Customised Solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all. 

As such we work with our clients to offer customised packages. 

Whether you need just some of our services or all of them - we will work out a competitive package for you.


We work with you to make our bookkeeping service easy and hassle free.

We can adapt to your organisations procedure and processes or suggest out stream lined approach to data and information transfer. 

We can even have our staff visiting your offices!

0800 00 48 68


Are you just typical "bean counters"?

The answer to that is a resounding NO. 

Whilst, we are experts in accounting and taxes, what sets us apart is that we truly want business success for our clients.

We offer more than just accounting and taxation services. Our virtual CFO services for small and medium businesses is unparalleled. 

Our partners have 30 + years of commercial business experience.

Commercial business experience is very different to accountants (bean counters) that just have number-crunching experience.

Commercial business experience means that we actually know how a business behaves and the challenges it faces in the real world.

All you need to do is have a chat with us and you will instantly realise the difference

Does the excellent service that you offer mean a higher fee?

Not at all. Excellent service is something our business is built on. Our fee is competitive and fair but our service is exceptional.

Best of all our fees are fixed upfront so you know exactly what your fee will be right from the get-go.

The number 1 comment we get from clients is "I wish I had come to you guys have made my life a lot easier"

How long have you been in business for?

We have been in business since July 2009. Our two partners have in excess of 30 years of commercial / business accounting and tax as well as business partnering experience. 

We have also had IRD's 100% filing certificate of achievement for a number of years.

Do I have to meet face to face?

Not necessarily. 

Because we service the whole of New Zealand but are based in Auckland, we can do everything online through emails and your own personalised client portal. Even documentation signing can be done online.

However, if you prefer to meet we can cater for that as well. We can come and meet you when it's convenient for you - even outside normal business hours!

Do I need to have an accounting system?

Not necessarily. For example, we don't expect an IT contractor to have a full-fledged Xero subscription. A business bank account is more than enough or even a spreadsheet may suffice.

We work with whatever you have got.

Most of our packages include a Xero subscription - dependent on the client's size and profile.

If we believe that your life may become easier with some software - we will suggest it.

Is getting my accounts and taxes in order going to be a real hassle?

That's why we are here!

To deliver exceptional service, we need to make accounting and taxes hassle-free for you. 

From client onboarding to the regular provision of information to regular reminders and newsletters - everything is efficient. 

Most existing clients are at a stage where they know that long before the due date they will get communication, returns and reports that they just need to review and sign. And even reviewing. commenting and signing is hassle-free and pain-free.