2018 NZ PAYE Calculator

Income Tax | PAYE | ACC

Use our 2018 NZ PAYE calculator to work out and analyse your Income Tax, PAYE, ACC easily.

Simply enter your yearly / annual income. The calculator works out what the personal income tax would be on your income and splits into PAYE and ACC. 

Under the Analysis Section works out the percentage total tax in relation to your gross yearly income AND percentage income in relation to your gross yearly  income. There is further analysis where your gross income, total tax and net income is split weekly, fortnightly and monthly.  

Weekly is based on 52 weeks. Fortnightly is based on 26 weeks.  Monthly is based on 12 months.

Note: this calculator uses the 2017/18 IRD prescribed income tax rates and acc rates. It should not be used for any other financial years. 

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