Leading experts in Virtual CFO & Outsourcing Finance within Auckland

Our firm is built on the ideology of delivering excellence whilst maintaining a professional level of service for all clients. We genuinely care about our client’s financial well being, which is why we are the leaders in Virtual CFO and Outsourcing Finance in Auckland.

We are financial experts based in Auckland servicing clients across New Zealand. Our team has over 30 plus years of combined commercial and charitable industry experience in a range of sectors.

Whilst we are financial experts, we know that business is more than just numbers. Our values, experience and resolve set us apart from the rest.

Our clients are the heart of what we do.

Our approach and process is driven by the need to exceed clients expectations. We make a client not a sale.

Beyond Financials is an invaluable partner to you and your business.


  • True Business Partner
  • Experience
  • Financial & Business Expertise
  • Excellent Communication
  • Personalised Service
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Proactive
  • Systems Agnostic
  • Tech Savvy
  • Proud Kiwi Business

True Business Partner

We are what we say – ‘a True Business Partner’.

As your business partner, we promise:

·         Open and Friendly Conversations

·         Accuracy that reflects the truth

·         Empowering your managers to use information to drive growth and success

·         Transparency through all negotiations

·         Focus on realistic actions

·         Efficiency and Competence

·         Accessibility to ensure your needs are met

We pride ourselves in being respected and successful business partners and deliver outcomes with integrity and high work ethics that will be invested in your business.

Comprehensive Solutions

We manage everything from basic bookkeeping and administration to financial reporting, management reporting and analysing data to supply you with insights and assist you with strategic business decisions to ensure growth.

Our aim is to:

  • Free you up to focus on your business and offers you convenience
  • Assure you that your data (financial and non-financial) are being interpreted and presented accurately
  • Be you one stop shop for anything business related
  • Be your trusted advisor

Expertise & Excellent Service

We have years of experience building relationships based on good communication and excellent service in various business functions e.g. Commercial, Marketing, IT, HR, Finance and Non-profit organisations.

Our communication is:

·         Easy to understand

·         Courteous and friendly

·         Sometimes challenging, yet constructive

·         Honest and open

·         Involved and proactive

·         Delivering high levels of expertise

·         Placing your business growth at the heart of it all


Our service values are Endurance, Passion, Determination and the Desire to Improve..




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