Keeping Your Business Accounting and Taxes Up-To-Date

Whilst bookkeeping helps your business be administratively efficient, accounting ensures that the results are accurate. This includes accruals and adjustments in-line with IRD guidance. It also enables stakeholders to truly know what’s going on in their business and identify improvement initiatives. 

Our accounting and tax services ensure that your results are accurate and that you are getting the best tax advantage possible. With our specialised tax knowledge we are able to advise and  guide on various tax issues. We are also able to help your business apply for business credits that you may be unaware of such as R&D credits etc.  

We can take of all your accounting & tax needs, including:

  • Xero Certified Professionals and Partners
  • GST | Income Tax | Other Taxes
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • Business & Accounting Guidance
  • Business Setup & Software
  • Payroll & PAYE


We can do all business related taxes including:

  • Prepare and file GST returns on your behalf
  • Prepare and file Business Tax Returns
  • Prepare and file  Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Advise you of your tax obligations and tax due dates
  • Regular reminders on provision of GST and accounting information
  • Reminders on Provisional Tax and Terminal Tax due dates and amounts
  • Ensure that everything is filed on time so you avoid costly and unnecessary IRD penalties and interest

Other Taxes And Compliance

  • Prepare and file FBT Returns on your behalf
  • Advise you of your Student Loan obligations and due dates
  • Annual Companies Office Return prepared and filed on your behalf
  • Dividend Statements prepared according to your company constitution
  • Help you with due diligence on mergers and acquisitions
  • Any other taxes that you need help with


We do monthly as well as annual accounting and reporting. Our reporting services are world-class in  visualisations and in-depth analysis.

  • Monthly / Yearly accrual accounting 
  • Workpapers & internal control and delegation frameworks 
  • Prepare regular Management Accounts and Board Packs
  • Prepare deep-dive board packs with analysis and insights
  • Prepare Annual Financial Statements
  • Prepare special purpose ad-hoc Financial Statements as and when needed
  • Attending and presenting at Board meetings


With our specialised business and tax knowledge and experience, we ensure that you and your business are getting the best and correct business advice and tax guidance:

  • Discuss the best way to save for tax and how best to structure your bank accounts
  • Advice on how best to take monies out of your business
  • Guidance on what expenses to claim – every dollar of expenses claimed reduces GST and Income Tax
  • Provide guidance on a comprehensive list of claimable expenses (dependent on your industry) that you need to be aware of and keep details of
  • Provide correct guidance around home office, vehicle usage, entertainment and travel related expenses
  • Guidance on overseas tax laws and its NZ impact if you are trading overseas
  • Guidance on how to create tax law compliant invoices
  • Explain how provisional and terminal tax works 
  • Explain how owners drawings works and how to best structure it to suit your situation
  • Make it easy and hassle-free for you to give us accounting information to prepare GST and end of year accounts and tax returns for you
  • Help you get the right insurance set up for your needs in your industry
  • How and what business accounting records to keep and for how long


Set Up

  • What structure is best suited specific to your business goals
  • Whether you need to register a company or not. Keeping in mind not every business has to be trading as a company
  • Register a company correctly on your behalf (if needed)
  • Whether you need to register for GST or not
    • What basis should you register for GST on
    • What the pros and cons of each GST registration periods’ on offer
  • Guidance on how to correctly calculate GST on your invoices
  • Set up the right income tax structure for your situation
  • Guide you in setting up the right banking structures – whether it’s loans and/or savings
  • Guidance on what business accounting package (if any) suits your needs. Not every business has to have Xero!
  • Help in setting up your website and SEO. A website is usually the first point of contact with a client – it is a business front. Many clients get advice from an IT person on how one of the most crucial elements of your business should be run which ultimately leads to failure.


Our stress-free and professional payroll services cover:

  • Full spectrum of Payroll services including Employee and Contractor payrolls
  • Payslip preparation in accordance with Inland Revenue guidelines and rates
  • Create annual earnings certificates for employees and contractors
  • Preparing and filing PAYE returns including KiwiSaver Employee deductions, KiwiSaver Employer deductions, Student Loan deductions, ACC deductions, EMS (employer monthly schedules) and IR345 returns
  • Regular reporting provided to employers
  • IRD payment reminders so that you avoid costly and unnecessary IRD penalties and interest

“Beyond’s monthly accounting & reporting service has been pivotal to gain investor and board confidence. Our board is now – more than ever – confident on the monthly accounting results and use it to make strategic decisions on a regular basis. ”

James Sampson
Director / Founder, FileInvite Ltd

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