Adopt A Growth Mindset Or Don’t Bother

Adopt A Growth Mindset Or Don’t Bother

To simplify the complex, our mindsets fall into two camps: growth or fixed. There might be a bit of grey in the middle, but predominantly, how we think of the world is governed by these two types of mindsets. If you’re new to this concept, you might be wondering if you should care at all. 

The short answer: yes, you should. Why? Because it determines our potential for success in any endeavour. It also determines our ability to nurture criticism into a powerful tool for success. When you take on a growth mindset, there’s no such thing as failures, but experiences that shape the end result. 


What is the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset?

It’s important to preface this discussion in saying that having one mindset over the other doesn’t necessarily imply unhinged success in all aspects of life. Instead, it’s a matter of how you approach a problem or challenge and how you decide to achieve your goals. However, it goes without saying that a growth mindset helps you see the silver lining and posits problems as stepping stones for great success. 

With a fixed mindset, you’re placing yourself under a ceiling that limits what you can achieve. The ceiling hits right where you’ve topped your confidence and self-belief. Essentially, you are limiting yourself because you are actively taking yourself out of situations that look murky. On the flip side, an individual embodying a growth mindset has a very high ceiling and can face almost any situation they find themselves in. 

To understand the difference a little clearer, here’s how an individual with a fixed mindset would approach a problem and how an individual with a growth mindset would approach the same situation. 


Fixed mindset: I can see that this opportunity will put me on the path of problems where I may make mistakes. Therefore, I will not accept this opportunity.


Growth mindset: This opportunity poses many problems and I may make mistakes, but I will do everything in my power to see through to the end. 


Which one are you?

This is a difficult question to answer because if you’re like most of us, we fall somewhere in between these two mindsets. Depending on what falls on our path, we may decide to take on a growth or fixed mindset. But let’s stop here and say that, this distinction in and of itself is a form of a fixed mindset because you’re building your own glass ceiling by deciding which opportunity you want to take on. Of course, there are instances that require us to be selective, but this type of mindset focuses on achievable goals, albeit difficult. 


Having a fixed mindset is like living in your own echo chamber

Those with a fixed mindset do witness success but only because they decide to pursue an opportunity that they know they will succeed in. As such, you may find yourself holding back from a potential you didn’t know you could reach because you were simply too reluctant to try. That means, your success is as consistent as the number of comfortable opportunities that come your way. This doesn’t mean that an individual with this mindset certainly won’t shine within their expertise, but that’s where it stops – achievement within boundaries.


Having a growth mindset is all about tackling challenges head-on

Yes, an individual with a growth mindset may start a few steps behind but their willingness and perseverance to see through challenges will catapult them into success in various foreign territories. Timelines excluding, these individuals will most likely see success in a consistent pattern because they have a no-failure-only-learnings drive. 


A growth mindset is a gift that keeps on giving

Adopting this mindset puts you in a perpetual feedback loop that constantly motivates you to be stimulated by new experiences. Whether you apply this mindset to your personal life or business or any other endeavour, it adds limitless value. 


At Beyond Financials, we embody the growth mindset because no opportunity is too extreme and no challenge is too farfetched. When you’re envisioning your future, have people who will praise you for your effort and help you reach your potential. The team at Beyond Financials is ready to do just that. Whether you’re looking for virtual CFO services or contract CFO, business analytics expertise or comprehensive end to end solutions, Beyond Financials is ready to be an invaluable partner in fostering scalable growth and success. 

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