With the disruption caused by COVID-19, all businesses are or will be dealing with unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty. The global economy will inherently also be disrupted. How will your business cope with this disruption?

Having a strategic and financial plan has never been more important. Proactively preparing for different scenarios and maximising opportunities can put your business ahead of your competition.

We have already started assisting clients with disruption planning and implementation and a providing strategic outlook.  

Beyond Financials services has and will continue to be delivered digitally. This means there’s no disruption in how we deliver value. Whether you need a trusted financial business partner or you want some extra financial / strategic nous in your business in these disruptive times – feel free to contact us for a confidential no obligation chat.  

Below we’ve compiled articles on critical topics including navigating the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, business continuity planning, supply chain management, managing a remote workforce, and financial impacts. 

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  • Financial plans and forecasts based on what-if scenarios
  • Modelling impact and timing analysis of key parts of the business
  • Preparing and testing business continuity plans (BCP)
  • Liaising with banks / lenders and suppliers around cashflow and covenants
  • Preparing for the tax reform measures announced by the government
  • Maximising the Business Continuity Package claims
  • Taking the opportunity to review the current processes and costs
  • Setting up frameworks and procedures for a mobile (off-site) workforce
  • Developing and setting KPI’s for staff to ensure productivity measurement




Wage Subsidy Scheme Factsheet
Coronavirus COVID-19 - Financial Planning

Wage Subsidy Scheme Factsheet

Overview Wage subsidies will be available for all employers that are significantly impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling to retain employees as a result. The

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Supporting Your Colleagues
Coronavirus COVID-19 - Workforce Wellness

Supporting Your Colleagues

The COVID-19 situation and response is creating unprecedented challenges for the community and your workforce. The COVID-19 situation and response is likely to be an

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Income Support Factsheet
Coronavirus COVID-19 - Workforce Wellness

Income Support Factsheet

Overview There are three main changes to welfare settings. • Firstly, main benefits will rise by $25 per week. These changes will come into effect

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The reason our clients choose us is because we are an extension of their current management team. We complement and strengthen your accounting and finance team and focus on creating core competencies for your team to increase overall performance.

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