Beyond's Planning & Forecast Modelling Can Be The Difference

Management’s ability to make effective strategic decisions is largely dependent on the quality of information at its disposal. A financial model can be a useful tool to assist management in making these decisions.

Although management often understands the key business drivers of the company’s operations and cash position, modeling and quantifying the specific impact of changes to such drivers is no easy undertaking for an already busy management team. Working with management to identify key business drivers and major assumptions, we incorporate a flexible projection model where  inputs can easily be changed to run base-case, upside and downside scenarios.

All our models are built, reviewed and tested by people who are masters at advanced modelling.

Financial modelling assists the decision making process for: 

    • Investment / new business evaluation
    • Business planning, budgeting and forecasting
    • Capital structuring, (re)financing and credit rating
    • Contract management and analysis
    • Financial statement development
    • Pricing and costing analysis
    • Project finance
    • Strategy / policy simulation
    • Tender evaluation
    • Treasury management
    • Tax planning
    • Workforce planning
    • Working capital management
  • Saving You Money: We can start immediately, meaning you save a significant amount of time. Saving on a crucial resource such as time is equal to saving money.
  • Flexibility: The resilience of this service provides you with access to tailored services your business needs. That means you also have the luxury of tapping into the service in accordance to your need.
  • Access To Skill And Experience: Our experience in various industries and will add tremendous value to the growth of your business.
  • Better Results: Drawing from our experience, we will mostly likely already be familiar with the common problems your business encounters and can easily provide solutions.
  • A New Perspective: We can introduce a new perspective to solving different issues – an attribute which your business can greatly benefit from.

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Accounting, Reporting and Strategy

Accounting & Tax Solutions

Ensuring that day-to-day, monthly and annual accounts are accurate & reflective of performance.

Reporting & Insights

Creating insightful reporting including trends and variance analysis. Attending board meetings.

Strategic Advice

Creating strategies and identifying opportunities for profit improvement and business growth.

Projections, Budgeting & Forecasting

Modelling financial projections, budgeting / forecasting and cashflows.

Process/Systems Improvements

Identifying & streamlining processes and systems improvements.

Other Services

Capital Raising & Tenders

Formulating capital raising and investment packs for prospective investors. Writing business cases, RFI and RFP documentation in line with requirements.

Research & Development Tax Credits​

Creating business plans to meet strategic or funding requirements. Completing due diligence on new ventures, mergers or acquisitions.

Business Plans & Due Diligence​

Creating business plans to meet strategic or funding requirements. Completing due diligence on new ventures, mergers or acquisitions.

Frameworks, Improvements & Change

Change Management

Helping create frameworks for cultural change or providing support through a period of business change.

Concepts and Framework Development

Formulating business frameworks for accountability, efficiency, internal control, risk assessment. Helping make strategies and concepts come to life.

Cashflow Modelling & Management

Analysing cash and non-cash movements. Explaining cashflow movements. Identifying key cashflow levers and creating cashflow plans.​

Financial Analysis & Insights

Analysing financial performance coupled with non-financial data. Gaining and presenting valuable insights and analytics in an easily digestible format.

“Beyond’s financial projections modelling has enabled us to raise  substantial funding from our partners and propel our business into the future.”

Brent Wright
General Manager, MTG Group

Our Modeling and Analytics Will Help Your Business. Contact Us Now.

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We are adaptable and deliver information in a digestible & clear way to boards, stakeholders, managers, and teams by building strong relationships.

It is not always easy presenting information that people do not want to hear.

This is where we step in to challenge, coach and motivate.

At Beyond Financials we take your business information, order and assess it and present the findings to the right audience in a meaningful way.

We are the ‘translator’ between your finance department and your operations teams.

Our commercial insight and experience, analytical skills, ability to build relationships, communicate effectively and ability to persuade is our contribution to the success of your business.


At Beyond Financials we join financial & non-financial information to provide you with insights into both the historical and future insights of your business, keeping industry trends, and competitor dynamics in mind.

Our aim is to inspire your business, managers, and team to understand and make use of the insights, reporting, and information supplied.

We focus on shareholder value, return on capital and profitability.

We assess and recommend effective commercial procedures or initiate change to ensure key operational, commercial, financial and non-financial targets are met.

We analyse, provide insight, help you plan, support implementation, and report the results.


As your Finance Business Partner, we actively influence your business decision, assist in shaping strategy and the direction of your business.

We are commercially aware, understand and anticipate the needs of both operations and management. Our strong business skills allow us to influence, provide stakeholder management and delivers insightful presentation clearly communicating the challenge in front of you and the way forward.

Business value is created through knowledge, intellectual property, collaboration and partnerships throughout the business.

Our aim is to maximise shareholder value and return.


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