In this information age, successfully converting business data into relevant and meaningful business information will give you a competitive advantage.

What sets us apart is the ability to combine the business acumen and data insight is key to our client’s success and competitive advantage.

By extracting maximum value from your data, we approach analytics strategically by turning data into intelligence within your industry context. Our aim is to assist you to understand your customers’ or market behaviours and to make you more informed decisions about the future of the business.

Our analytical services offer you the ability to: 

  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Measure And Mitigate Risk
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Formulation of Robust Strategic Plans
  • KPI Management & Reporting
  • Enhanced Regular Reporting
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Strategic Insights = Competitive Advantage

More data does not necessarily mean more insights. More so just having business analytics does not mean much unless combined with business insights and business acumen.

Predictability is key to the success of any business and this is possible by using the right data and the right analytics approach, using only the relevant data from all the data that is available.

  • Combining business insights and business acumen
  • Predictability by using the right data and the right analytical approach
  • In-depth trend analysis for budgeting and forecasting
  • Formulate strategic plans with enhanced analytical reporting
  • Benchmark and KPI reporting for enhanced accountability
  • Mitigate risk by early identification of issues

Enhanced Real-Time Reporting with Visualisation

Consistent analysis, tracking and reporting are critical to informed, strategic decisions and essential to continuous learning and improvement across the business.

With our BI (business intelligence) tools we enhance your reporting giving you control on what to look at and when you want to look at it.

Our ability to combine financial and non-financial data into one report or dashboard make its truly Business Intelligence not just business analytics.

  • Visualisation of combined financial and non-financial data
  • Present large amount of information in an easy digestible manner
  • Meaningful visualisations | dashboards
  • Consistent analysis, tracking and reporting
  • Control what you look at and when you look at it
  • Control who looks at what and when
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“Having our Board Reports produced accurately and on time with expert analysis and commentary has really increased Investor confidence in our business. The ability to access my customised Dashboards and KPI reports online is brilliant”

James Sampson
Director / Founder, FileInvite Ltd





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