Get Your Business and Staff Online

Getting your business and staff online ready is fundamental to business success in this day and age. Digitizing your business or service can represent an added revenue stream, streamlining of business processes, reducing overheads, increase staff collaboration and better real time information sharing. 

Beyond Financials is fully digitised business. This means we have a full eco-system encompassing staff, systems, clients, finance and reporting. This enables us to perform and support clients online and in person when needed. Many of our clients have benefited from our experience, expertise and having access to our digital partners. We can do the same for you.

No matter what digitising means for your business, Beyond Financials will work with you to ensure success. 

  • Team Communication and Collaboration
  • Online Presence - Websites
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customised CRM's
  • Online Accounting and Administration
  • Customised Reporting
  • Policies, Procedures and Training

“After successfully implementing an online reporting portal, we are working with Beyond to create sharepoint intranet for staff communication and collaboration and enhance management effectiveness and reach. ”

Brent Wright
General Manager /  MTG Group

Let Us Take Your Business and Staff Online.  Contact Us Now.

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Through experience in commercial accounting environments and IT, we have created systems and procedures that are streamlined and efficient. Our outsourced bookkeeping and accounting solutions have established yet flexible procedures to ensure that the hassle free delivery of tasks such as:

  • handing over information from your office to us;
  • invoicing customers and collecting monies
  • payroll preparation and payments
  • scheduled and ad-hoc payments to vendors
  • preparation of IRD returns and payment of taxes
  • reporting and regular communication
  • ad hoc requests


Appropriate internal controls are vital to ensure that an organisation and its executives mitigate risk and fraud.

We have best practice internal controls which are stringent, robust and ensures risk mitigation. 

Our internal controls are not just limited to accounting procedures such as payment and credit note authorisations. We have established internal controls around systems, user access and the transfer and storage of data.

Moreover, we have established routines around data backups and strict SLA’s with our service providers. 


Because we our service offering is so extensive, we can offer comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services.
Whether you just need administration and/or bookkeeping services OR need a full spectrum of services from bookkeeping to business partner and CFO services, we have you covered.

We customise our outsource accounting solutions for each client based on their needs and goals.


Looking at pages of numbers is not the most riveting time at board meetings.

There is a fine line between over presenting financial data in graphical formats – sometimes it just loses its meaning.

We help present numbers that “speaks” to the stakeholders by customising and enhancing your reporting to make it more interesting and still not lose what it’s trying to convey.

We can present financial and non-financial data together to give depth to what your report is trying to communicate.


Communication is the heart of our organisation – therefore our aim is to clearly communicate and deliver excellent service to you, your stakeholders, customers and employees.

We have years of experience building relationships based on good communication and excellent service in various business functions e.g. Commercial, Marketing, IT, HR, Finance and Non-profit organisations.

Our communication is:
• Easy to understand
• Courteous and friendly
• Sometimes challenging, yet constructive
• Honest and open
• Involved and proactive
• Delivering high levels of expertise
• Placing your business growth at the heart of it all

Our service values are Endurance, Passion, Determination and the Desire to Improve.

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