What is a Virtual CFO?
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What is a Virtual CFO?

Grow your business with advice and confidence.

Timely, accurate and meaningful information readily available means real-time advice for important business decisions.

So…What Is A Virtual CFO?

Virtual CFOs leverage knowledge and technology to provide strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting, exploring funding options, helping business owners and board members to understand their financials and industry KPI’s to predict performance.

The Virtual CFO typically works remotely and would have a standard meeting with you and your team for financial and non-financial reviews.

Virtual CFOs can supply outsourced staffing solutions or work with your current resources. A Virtual CFO can be retained to manage this staff to make them more efficient and effective.

This integrated approach enables the company to have a robust, readily financial operation available to assist you during your growth phase. While the team takes care of the financial operations, you can focus on growing your business.

Your Virtual CFO should provide:

  • Strategic guidance
  • Advanced financial planning and analysis
  • Interfacing with investors, stakeholders and board members
  • Validate the business model
  • Integrate with your team

Call our qualified and experienced team today to find out more about our VCFO service.

With experience in Commercial, Marketing, IT, HR, Support function, Non-profit and much more we can tailor your Virtual CFO package to ensure the best advice on taking your business forward.

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